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Title: The Listener Book #1  (The Fallen King)

Co-authored with Dakota Sky Bloom

Genre: Medieval Fantasy Thriller

Themes: LGBTQIA+, Class divides, etc.

In Vesperian your sins don't die with you - they die with those you've wronged and often don't stay dead long. Lena and Piper have spent their lives training to be listeners until Piper is chosen for the Unbecoming. Lena will need to face what it means to spend your life reading the souls of others as Piper is thrown into a world of political intrigue when Vesperian's past comes back to haunt it. Will the fallen king topple the new regime in his death? Has the Silent Church gone too far? Can Lena and Piper find a way to lead parallel lives from opposite sides of the same society?

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Previously written under pen name EMMA MICHAELS

and more...

Short Stories announced as release dates are secured.

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