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About me

Is anyone good at writing these things?

Oh, alright. I suppose I need to put something here. 


I'm an author at heart though art helps me communicate the things I cannot say. I'm non-binary, autistic, and disabled. I don't often like attention but I can't resist the pull of creation. If you want to know more thumb through the tabs on the site. Meet me through what I choose to create and you'll get more than you ever could from a blurb. 



Special Interests:

- Narrative
- Autistic advocacy 

- Human need theory

- Mentalization networks and the reversal (and causes) of dehumanization

- Analog game accessibility and mechanics

- Art: Photo Manip, digital painting, wire sculpting, polymer clay sculpting, resin, photography, etc. 

- Writing: Novels, short stories, podcasts (fiction), etc.

- Leadership

- ...hopefully remembering to come back to this to add the rest. If not, you'll see this and know what happened.